Brian Ring

Ring Digital, President
Brian Ring is president of Ring Digital, a digital consultancy providing product strategy, marketing, and business development services to video and TV innovators. He has an 18+ year track record of driving growth by leveraging his eclectic mixture of skills, smarts, and hard work. Ring’s clients include TV networks, OTT software vendors, MVPDs, broadcast equipment manufacturers, and tech startups in the video and television market.

Ring is also a contributing editor to, a trade group dedicated to live sports production technology. He has moderated many panels for SVG as well as Digital Media Wire, MESA, nScreenMedia, and TVOT, consistently recruiting panelists from Twitter, Facebook, FOX Sports, Yahoo!, and many incredible startups. Ring is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Previously at Ericsson, Ring led the business case, product strategy, and business development activities for the launch of the WatchPoint CMS, one of the market leaders in VOD content management for operators. He also spent two years in Stockholm building the first cloud MAM implementation for Ericsson’s broadcast-managed services business.

At NAB Show 2011 in the Ericsson 'Advanced Product Suite', Ring showcased a social-TV-inspired live clipping application for the later-shelved Ericsson Cloud MAM, evangelizing a use case involving real-time clipping of live sports along with a dynamic, real-time bidding process to monetize that clip.

Before Ericsson, Ring led the interactive content P&L for Zoo Digital, closing six break-in accounts including DIRECTV, Mattel, Hasbro, and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

Ring has also hacked a modicum of success as an innovator. In 2007, he helped DIRECTV build the first (and last) video-clip trivia games on Cisco’s DVR middleware. In 2010, CEO Hans Vestberg awarded him first prize in Ericsson’s innovation competition for, and in 2013 and 2015, he showcased two cloud clipping and graphics technologies designed to better monetize live streams on social platforms.

Featured in: Linear Transformation vs. Digital Native: Building Video Experiences for a Multiplatform World

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