Christy King

Industry Consultant

Christy King provides technology advice and implementation leadership to major media companies who create and distribute video content. She also leads a nationwide team of editors that provide video production services for companies that need quick ramp-up, low cost, video editing. Finally, she serves as a strategic marketing consultant to companies who create products and services for the media creation industry such as Go To Team and Mixon Digital.

King is relishing the ability to use all of her skills across a wide variety of media projects, working with executives who understand the growing power of video. She is having a blast helping companies explore a medium she knows so well.

King spent nine years as the in-house technology consultant and tech vendor manager for Zuffa, sports entertainment brands, including the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). She recently served as COO for a software company in the production operations marketplace and successfully sold her mobile video startup company VidLasso to axle Video, now rebranded as axle Pulse.

Featured in: SVG Digital Tech in Action: High Speed Case Studies of Three Sports Brands Streaming with Zixi

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