Steven Tripsas

Zype, Platform Solutions Architect

Steven Tripsas, platform solutions architect for Zype, has enriched the platform development space with over 12 years of multi-industry knowledge. An expert in trading systems design, cloud architecture and integration, and live stream video encoding, Tripsas has become known for his elasticity and ability to create extraordinary solutions pervasive across many platforms.

Beginning in the hedge fund and private equity space in 2005, Tripsas worked for a myriad of firms including Blackstone, Marathon, Paulson, and Carlyle Group. Following these experiences, Tripsas continued his pursuit of exciting technologies when working on Grand Theft Auto V with Rockstar Games. His latest projects are exclusively in the streaming video distribution space, tackling everything from platform design and client solutions to operating live stream broadcast.

Tripsas' specialities include video platform solutions architecture and video encoding (AVC/H.264, AVC/H.265, VP9, WebM). He is also a cloud architect with proficiencies in AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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